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Frustrated with inequality of opportunity and ineffective aid responses, we coalesced at the Springfield Centre under the guidance of the late Alan Gibson, from whom we take the inspiration for our name. Agora is ancient Greek for 'markets', which are a framing concept for the systemic way we approach the development challenge. We are a social enterprise and an employee-owned company.

People who want to do development better

Here's where you'd normally find a list of our team, maybe some pictures to make us look fun, and some salesmanship around our CVs. While Agora have a team of approximately 20 people working in different roles with a wide range of geographical and sectoral experience, we won't showcase them here for two reasons:​

Firstly, our people are representatives of our approach. If you know or have worked with Agora, you'll know who we are. Feel free to contact any of our clients, either through us or independently. We're very confident you'll like what you hear. You can also just get in touch and

I once complained to Alan Gibson about a particularly egotistical counterpart and his response was "he's a 40-year old consultant, of course he's egotistical". Flippant perhaps but also impactful. Consultants have a habit putting themselves ahead of their ideas - style over substance. We hope Agora will continue to influence development practice for decades to come and, whichever of our team you work with, they will represent our thinking and our approach over their own interests. 


Secondly, and more pragmatically, we know that this is a people-centred business and that good people are hard to come by. Past experience says that the main reason people use pages like this is to try to recruit your staff, and we'd rather keep ours, thanks!

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