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Global networks of production and consumption mean that everyone can benefit from trade in goods and services. But ensuring that this engagement is both profitable and impactful for low-income and vulnerable people needs to go beyond corporate social responsibility. Our approach helps companies to design and implement their engagement in emerging markets in a way that maximises benefits for all, now and in the future.

Systems approach to emerging market engagement

Inclusive business through systems

Emerging markets represent a huge opportunity for domestic and international companies seeking to engage for both production and as a new sales opportunity. However, with rapid growth often comes dysfunction - thin markets, ineffective regulatory environments, and cultural barriers. Firms often struggle to utilise markets effectively as they focus entirely on internal and transactional issues rather than looking beyond the firm.

Our approach helps companies to move beyond the usual formula of business-as-usual plus CSR. Through our advisory services and capacity building, we help firms working in emerging markets to develop and refine their strategy, maximise their impact and profitability in a sustainable way. It covers the multiple benefits of effective action beyond the firm, including environmental and social benefits.

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