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Impact Investment Facilitation

Aid can't do everything. Many emerging economies are capital constrained and the liquidity in the economy is logically directed towards low-risk, high-return projects. Impact investors and philanthropic investors can play a role of providing capital but, in doing so, they are able to shape the type an scale of the social impact that the investment has. Agora's intimate knowledge of both emerging markets and of how to generate social impact gives us a unique position in helping firms in emerging markets and investors to get what they need from a deal.

How we work to facilitate social impact investment in emerging markets

Incentives are key to our approach to sustainability. In our investment facilitation work, we want to 'put our money where our mouth is', so here we work on the basis of either success fees or to take sweat equity in investments. If the investments don't pay off or if they don't deliver a projected social return, then we don't get paid.

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